Friday, June 26, 2009

Little Tornadoes

A few weeks ago when Gary was in Dallas we had a big storm blow in, a complete surprise to me since earlier in the day I'd heard the weatherman forecast no rain for at least a week. Instead of just enjoying a nice thunderstorm, I, stupidly, listened to the weatherman again and nearly had a heart attack preparing for the string of tornadoes apparently heading down 183 straight for our house. How much did I believe him? I actually woke up two happily sleeping children to cram them and our dog into the hallway with all kinds of pillows, a crib mattress, my phone and a flashlight. When Miller wouldn't stop crawling out of the hallway I had to drag his pack and play in to trap him. We were a little snug to say the least but at least my two little tornadoes were safe and sound.


LuAnn G. said...

I wanted to do the same thing that night, but Mark stopped me. Better safe than sorry!

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!