Thursday, August 13, 2009

Port A with the Riley's, Round Two

Some photos from last month's trip to the beach...

Miller rode in the very, very back, tucked in next to all the luggage and gear (see him in there?). We couldn't decide if he was lucky or not. He ended up sleeping almost the entire way there so I think we were the lucky ones.
One night we went out to the Crazy Cajun for some boiled seafood. It was pretty good and Miller loved the hammers.

What's the best part about Port A? The beach? The seashell collecting? Swimming in the pool?

Why the luggage racks, of course.

Or, perhaps, hanging seashells on the branches of a ficus tree that's seen better days.

Turns out mommies and daddies like luggage racks, too. They make a fantastic impromptu playpen when you're trying to grill dinner down by the pool (just anchor it with the beer-filled ice chest).

3 out of 4 ain't bad, folks!


The Buchanans said...

that looks like a really fun trip.

The Gould Family said...

Love the makeshift play pen and the 3 out of 4.