Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Just a few photos from Mardi Gras this year...

When asked how Mardi Gras was, Emmylou tells people (somewhat exasperated but very matter-of-factly), "well, I sitted in a ladder and yelled 'Throw me something mister' to every float."

Yes, it was such hard work, Emmylou.

And while she really did seem to enjoy it, once during a parade while sitting in the ladder Emmylou asked if she could go inside and do something fun. Excuse me, but WTF??! I promptly replied that yes, sitting on top of a ladder watching dancers and marching bands and beautiful lighted floats and being bombarded by a gazillion beads and stuffed animals is no fun at all. Clearly she sensed my sarcasm because she revised her request to wanting "a different kind of fun." Really she just wanted to go inside and watch Peter Pan, her latest favorite movie. (Speaking of Peter Pan, she also told me matter-of-factly that we're changing her name to Wendy, Miller is having his name changed to Michael, and, "Mommy, you're going to have another baby and name him John." Wanna bet?)

Miller's favorites were the tractors that pull the floats and the fire trucks that always end each parade!

A huge thanks to Grammie for making Mardi Gras so great this year! In a house with no furniture, she managed to house 14 people (on air mattresses) and feed us all the most fantastic food. It took a lot of extra planning and organizing and I don't think she forgot a thing! Thanks, Grammie!


Kari said...

So funny!
Congrats on John! :)

The Buchanans said...

Isla was super excited to see that E was in the mardi gras parade. She shrieked "shes just like princess and the frog!!"