Thursday, March 25, 2010

Come aboard, we're expecting you

Attention! Attention! Princess Birthday Cruise departing at 0-800 hours.

Okay, not really at 8 a.m., but we did have a birthday party on a boat out at Grammie's lakehouse the weekend of Emmylou's real birthday.

Prior to setting sail, Emmylou got properly dressed for the occasion in Grammie's birthday present to her: a custom made, real, live princess dress (ZOMG!). She even got to pick out the material herself (pink, pink and more pink with sparkles, please).

Here she is when Grammie gave it to her...
Must. Put. On. Immediately. L-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-e it.

But sometimes princesses are very serious, too, you know.
After getting into THE dress, she put the finishing touches on a little cake made just for the boat party.
Of course the boat was decked out with balloons (doesn't Grammie think of everything?!).
"Why exactly must this atrocity be worn over my spectacular new gown?"
The captain and first mate:
"I'm the queen of the world!!!"
Grammie love...
Once we docked back at the house it was time for Emmylou to open her birthday present from Emily. As soon as she saw that Disney-princess-pink box (you other moms of girls know the color, of course), she was beyond excited.
Oh my, what could it possibly be?
Not a Disney Princess Cool Bake Magic Oven!
Must bake disgusting, I mean, delicious cakes immediately. With ice. Mmm-kay.

Happy birthday, Princess.*

*I seriously can't believe I just called her that.

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Kristi said...

so, i think em and kim went to a secret "how to be a cool aunt" class and didn't tell us. kim gave presents to mb for her birthday that were ALMOST better than my presents.

and tell your mom that if she wants to adopt another little girl to be a cool grandma to, i've got a redhead that could use a little grandma spoiling... :-)