Tuesday, March 02, 2010

These two are so cute it hurts

No, not my children, but these new additions to the Austin Zoo!

Memphis and Anastasia are 7 week old Barbary Lions that only come out for 1 hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons to greet their adoring public.

Emmylou's friends Luke and Scarlett (our neighbors) inspired an impromptu visit this past Monday. It was cold and a little rainy but the cuteness was well worth the hassle.

Apparently there are no Barbary Lions left in the wild and only around 100 left in captivity. :(

And here are my wild animals...

Emmylou, attempting to poke/torment a peacock with a pencil she found in the bottom of the stroller:

And Miller, so unhappy to be strapped into the stroller when he could be running around tormenting peacocks:

And here are the adorable twins:

If you're in Austin, go see the lions!


Shelly said...

Cute pics--kid and lions! I've never been to AZ. Must go soon...

Barnes said...

I hear Peacocks are good eatin'. She may need those pencil skills during a survival crisis situation.