Sunday, July 11, 2010

Miller is 22 months old

Dear Miller,

Congratulations, buddy, you're talking! Finally. Not that you're really late, but you've been getting so frustrated lately so I know it's a huge relief for you. No longer do you only say "yep" or "o-tay," you can now put words together to really get your point across. You even started saying "Emmy" a couple of weeks ago and you especially like to call for her while running down the hall. I have to admit I'm already a little sad I won't hear much of your classic one-word exchanges anymore, because you had all of us cracking up at some of them. For example, because you are still a complete sugar fiend (unbelievably) more than your mommy or sister (or maybe both combined), you used to demand "CANDY!" Except I wouldn't understand (because it sounded like "duhdee") so I'd say, "what?" Then you'd repeat (demanding, again), "CANDY!" Once I would understand and say, "Candy? You want candy?" you'd immediately respond with the most nonchalant "o-tay" like it was all my idea in the first place. This happened at least twice a day for a good month or more and I think we laughed every time.

Speaking of candy, you are also finally eating a little better. You're still a self-imposed vegetarian (but certainly not vegan considering your continued love affair with all things dairy) and rather than eating nothing but Cliff kids protein bars all day, you now usually eat a few bites of a few different things on your plate. Like grapes and macaroni and cheese. You still love beans and rice and you almost always eat guacamole now at Mexican restaurants. Hooray for liking a superfood! Sadly, your favorite thing in the entire world might be Diet Coke which makes me feel like a terrible, terrible mother. The fact that you even know what it tastes like is ridiculous, but you can really throw a fit in a restaurant and what can I say, I'm weak when it comes to you guys making a scene in a public place. I'm hoping it won't cause any (serious?) permanent damage.

Right now you are loving Woody, Buzz and all things Toy Story. We took you to see Toy Story 3 in the theater a couple of weeks ago and you almost made it through the entire thing. You also still love reading books and can't get enough of anything with a wheel (and especially crashing anything with a wheel). It really is uncanny how you are immediately attracted to anything related to transportation and you can already point to the engine, spoiler, bumpers, wheels, etc. on your toy cars.

You love your daddy and couldn't be more thrilled with the Cars pajamas he bought you at Target the other day. You are already very particular about what you want to wear and will flat out refuse one t-shirt over another or throw a fit when I try to take off those beloved Cars jammies or your favorite airplane PJs in the morning. Oh, you're also obsessed with shoes. Uh-oh.

Are you, perhaps, seeing a pattern about "throwing fits?" Um, yeah, you have a little temper. Just like your daddy. Your personality is still different from your sister's. She was always friendly and bubbly to anyone and you're a little more reserved. You're more likely to say "hi" or "bye bye" to an overhead helicopter than someone who's oohing and aahing over you in a restaurant or store.

But you're a super snuggler. And always generous with hugs and kisses for your family. You can't get enough of your daddy right now but I think you'll always be your mommy's boy (Daddy thinks I baby you a little too much so I'm trying to let go a little). Don't tell him I said so, but I'd be fine with that forever.

I love you more than anything, Miller!!


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