Monday, September 13, 2010

Porch Sleeping

When we left Dollywood we drove to my Aunt Jane's house a couple hours away for the last stop on our Tennessee trip. She lives in a charming resort community made up of eleven lakes and five golf courses. Being that it's a couple thousand feet above sea level and that she lives right on the water, the weather always seems to be fantastic.

Jane has a great screen porch that gets a lot of use. Emmylou took advantage of it both afternoons we were there during naptime.
Someone else found a new place to nap... This is Jane's dog, Daisy, who I refer to as The Sweetest Dog in the Entire World. Emmylou loved that she found her little bed to sleep in!
More from our visit with Jane to come!


em said...

I love that photo of Emmylou sleeping in the sunbeams! And also of Daisy sleeping on her bed, of course.

Ann said...

super cute!

Lizzie said...

I second Em. That looks heavenly and Daisy is so sweet!!