Monday, November 01, 2010

Halloween II: Charlie and Kate's party

Charlie (Buzz Lightyear) and Kate (Dorothy) had a party on Friday night at their house. It was so much fun! The kids played games and even the parents dressed up.

Emmylou was the first to get an apple! (Yes, 4 year-olds are allowed to cheat and bite the stems.)

She was so proud of herself!
That apple and this carrot were the last healthy things she ate for at least the next 72 hours.

Kristin and Carlos:
Bela, Tripp, Sofia and Emmylou:
The mommies... (and yes, I was Cinderella this year- my motto with those damn Disney princesses? If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.)
England football player, Wonder Woman, Super Man, construction worker and Prince Charming just sitting around having a bite...

Our contribution to the menu: pretzel ladies' fingers, man toes and kid digits and we also made these cupcakes:
Lots of treats:
Coming down off the sugar high:
The Amazing Spiderman's Worst. Meltdown. Ever. (on his way to the bathtub once we got home)


The Buchanans said...

Oh no! That is such a sad melt down face :(

Chuzai Living said...

What a fun party you had and all of your costumes are awesome! I love that you were Cinderella and you had a prince charming! The last photo is a sad face, but I'm like you, I totally take a photo of my child's meltdown. I imagine Halloween is not easy for toddlers with all the candies that make them high and then all of the sudden they crash around the time they get home. I enjoyed your photos!! Kaho