Tuesday, December 21, 2010

NYC December 2010

Someone's really excited to be in New York.

At the Disney store...

They were so happy with their purchases:
Carriage ride through Central Park:

Underneath the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree:
Getting ready for Broadway!

So sad I wouldn't let her ice skate in Bryant Park:
Chasing pigeons is almost as fun:
Underneath the tree in Bryant Park:
Heaven for Miller: the Lionel Trains store...

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Chuzai Living said...

I LOVED seeing all the pictures!! How fun! I love visiting NYC! You all looks so stylish and make a beautiful family. You look beautiful, Becca! Toy stores in New York City are so huge, aren't they? It is interesting that toy store seem to be one of the places families like to check out when they go to New York. Us, too. What a wonderful time you had! Thanks for sharing the photos! xo Kaho