Thursday, June 22, 2006

Things here have been pretty quiet lately without much happening to blog about. It's been pretty hot so we've been staying indoors or making short trips to the grocery store or Starbucks down the street, but that's about all. Last week, however, we did do something that I haven't blogged about yet. Something disturbing... Something I'm a bit ashamed of... Something I never thought I'd make my offspring do... I MADE HER GET HER PICTURE TAKEN AT ONE OF THOSE PLACES IN THE MALL!!! Of course we wish Emily could have taken some nice portraits instead, but in desperation we took her to the Picture People to commemorate her 3 months of living in this world. Wondering why I think this is so awful? Well, I don't have anything in particular against the Picture People, it's just that it reminds me of how throughout my childhood, my sisters and I suffered through getting our pictures taken every three months at Olan Mills. EVERY THREE MONTHS! I can see that as a baby, yes, every three months is necessary to capture the major changes, but every three months during high school?! You can imagine how we felt at 17 when my mom would ask us to dress up and take Lizzie there after school to have our pictures taken. Just what every teenager wants to do. It got so bad that we started asking each time we went for whatever backdrop or props they had that we thought were the most ridiculous. I think the last one we ever took had us leaning up against a wagon wheel with a log cabin or something like that behind us. So now here I am already making my own daughter do it. I'm sure it won't be long after we move back to Texas that I'll be pulling the car over to the side of the road and making her take photos in the bluebonnets too. Anyway, I guess the worst part of taking her to the Picture People is that we didn't even like the pictures we got! Not only did she refuse to smile for most of the shots, but midway through the shoot she exploded with poop all over her outfit and all over my pants (which maybe explains why she wasn't smiling). Or it could be that she was sabotaging this type of thing early on to avoid a fate like mine... Smart girl.

After all of that, here is her "official" 3 month photo that I took the next day in our living room:

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