Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Emmylou has experienced a lot of firsts lately and yesterday was another. We went to DC and it was her very first time on a train! We look pretty calm sitting down, but in actuality it was pretty crazy coming and going-- I had Lulu strapped to my chest, a huge diaper bag on my left shoulder, a collapsible stroller hanging over my right shoulder and then I was carrying the carseat in my arms. All of this in 100 degree weather! My dad said I was brave, but I think I may have been more stupid than brave. But we made it and got to see Dad, Joyce, Steve, Sarah, Luke, Josh and Aharon who were all in DC for some meetings. We had a great time playing around and eating lunch in Georgetown and then went to the National Air and Space Museum afterwards. My favorite part was the planetarium show that I used as an excuse to sit somewhere to let Lulu take a nap. The A/C, recliners and stars were heavenly and Lulu wasn't the only one who caught some zzz's. The trip home was a little scary because the train was packed and delayed for over half an hour, but Lulu finally settled in for another nap and before we knew it, we were at Penn Station and Gary was picking us up.

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