Monday, August 28, 2006

Here are a couple of pictures of some of Emmylou's friends up here. The first is of Aaron and Alyssa, Eric and Missy's adorable kids. We went to their house Saturday night and they were both so sweet to Lulu. Alyssa helped me feed Lulu some prunes (yum, yum) and get her ready for bed and Aaron offered his bottom bunk and favorite striped blanket for her to sleep with. Aaron was also hilarious earlier in the evening. I took Emmylou over to the couch to nurse her and he followed because he was so interested in her. As soon as I got her to latch on, he said, "babies just love that thing!"

This photo is of a brand new friend of Emmylou's. His name is John and he was born 2 weeks before her. He belongs to Hope, the daughter of my Aunt Carol's friend and they just moved to Baltimore about 6 weeks ago from New Orleans. Although John fell asleep sitting practically straight up in his highchair at lunch today, I'm sure we'll embark on many exciting adventures with him in the near future!

Other than meeting with friends, it's been pretty quiet around here except for my new declaration of war against the pantry mice (yes, now I've seen more than one). For a while I tried to think of them as cute and even named them Bianca and Bernard in honor of the Eva Gabor and Bob Newhart-voiced Rescuers, but now they've eaten through our second bag of hard-to-find baked Cheetos, so it is ON. We got an email that the RatZapper shipped yesterday and I cannot wait for it to arrive. The only thing that can save them now is a giant goggled albatross sweeping through my dining room (or maybe if I actually find them in outfits like these- that would be too cute, wouldn't it?).

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emily said...

I am so putting The Rescuers at the top of my Netflix queue.