Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I think I've decided what Emmylou will be for Halloween...

All I need to do is buy her a baby toupee! What could be easier? But maybe she'd be a better Lil' Kim or Sam Jack?

In other news, we have totally won the war against the mice! Not to say we haven't suffered a couple more painful losses, including Gary's beloved chocolate Pop-Tarts and my salad-topper roasted almonds. I hardly want to admit it, but we have zapped 7 mice! We really only thought we had a couple. As part of my gratitude to the RatZapper, I composed this testimonial [entitled " I (heart) the RatZapper"] and sent it to them:
We have had our RatZapper for 7 days now and we could
not love it more! When we first realized we had a
couple of mice it took us a while to decide that
getting rid of them was worth the guilt we would feel
decapitating them or seeing their body parts
hopelessly glued to plastic trays. Imagine our
disappointment when after a week of using these
traditional methods we had not caught a single
violator! To make matters worse, they seemed to
multiply in the face of our traps and we were almost
resigned to throwing down cedar chips on our pantry
floor, buying them an exercise wheel, and calling them
our new 'pets.' But not since we got the RatZapper! In
7 days we have (humanely) zapped 7 mice and I am no
longer afraid to open my pantry door. Seeing the
tell-tale flashing red light makes my day, and it's
nice to know that our Pop-Tarts will still be there in
the morning. Thanks, RatZapper!
Gary and Becca Stephens
Baltimore, MD

I think I have a future in infomercials!

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DallasSherry said...

Ohmygod Becca, you crack me up! Not only do you have the cutest baby in the world (my apologies to all other adorable babies out there)but YOU, missy, have excellent blogging skills. I love hearing about the Stephens' East Coast adventures but it sure does make me miss hanging out with you! That's okay .... keep up the good work .... it gives me lots of smiles :) Sherry