Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a nice, long, relaxing weekend we had! Since it rained most of the time, we spent much of it staying inside and watching the US Open, both Emmylou and I boo-hooing quite a bit, me because of Andre's emotional final match, and Lulu because she was still a bit under the weather. But that didn't stop us from spending a fun Sunday night with the Barnes family and then enjoying a visit from Lauren, one of my oldest friends (since first grade!), and her boyfriend, Sam, who live in New York. They stopped by Baltimore for the afternoon on their way home from a wedding in DC so they could meet Emmylou. We had a yummy lunch at a restaurant in Canton Square and then took a lovely walk around the park-- Lauren was very excited about bugaboo-ing, and I must say, she handled it like a pro. Thanks for coming to see us, guys!

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shlogger said...

What that girl is soooo cute!! Oh yes, the baby is too.