Monday, October 09, 2006

Today we recovered from yesterday's marathon tour of Havre de Grace. We hung around the house for most of the time except for a quick walk down to the photo shop to get some pictures made and then to Safeway to buy a couple of things we needed to make an apple tart. Did I mention that we picked 29 pounds of apples at that orchard yesterday? We split them with Missy and the kids but that still left us with tons. Our tart recipe called for 4 apples so, naturally, we used 7. Here's a photo of Emmylou and Emmy with the tart, the pumpkin we picked, and a still-enormous bowl of apples. If you haven't noticed, Emmylou's nose has turned quite orange from all of the carrots and sweet potatoes in her baby food (there are carrots in everything!), so maybe I'll try making her some homemade applesauce to dilute the effects.

Emily had to go back to Austin tonight but we sure did have a good time with her. Thanks for coming to visit us, Em-- we love you!

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