Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Now that her love affair with ceiling fans has subsided, Emmylou has moved onto another 'special someone'-- our remote control. It's not that I don't give her other toys to play with, I mean, look at the selection she has within inches of her body! At this point she could be COVERED in toys but would still use all of her might to reach out a pudgy hand and try to pry the shiny, magical remote control out of my hands.

In other news, tonight marked what is bound to be only the first of many, many meals that I'll cook which Emmylou will refuse to eat. In an attempt to relieve her of some of her orange-ness, I decided to puree some yummy rotisserie chicken with rice cereal and chicken broth. Delicious, right?! After she gagged on the third straight spoonful, I gave up and opened a jar of beef with vegetables, which in baby food-world is a deep pumpkin color. She ate the entire thing so I'm sure tomorrow her nose will look like it took an overnight trip to St. Tropez.

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