Monday, May 14, 2007

Dear Emmylou,

Wow. Fourteen months old today. Fourteen! Fourteen of the best months of my life, a life that only gets better with each passing day because of you. It's hard to remember what life was like without you and now it's even hard to remember what it was like when you were really tiny, just that little red-faced critter writhing around and chirping between strings of 8 hour naps. Daddy and I were looking at pictures last night debating whether you still look like this one, or if we can see 'you' in that one. I think we determined that once you hit about 6 weeks you started looking like 'yourself.' There is no question, though, that today, you are a real, little person-- no longer a baby, but someone with distinct thoughts, ideas and feelings and, in addition, quick legs that will take you wherever the impulse directs!

Yes, these days, you are a real character. Not only are you so sweet and lovable, you are funny and smart. I'm amazed by how you can point to pictures of people I name and go get things for me that I ask you for. Yesterday at Grammie's, you went and got the book "Hamilton Duck's Springtime Story" when she asked for it! You have finally figured out that all dogs, even if they don't look quite like Lola, say "woof, woof." You still absolutely love all things musical, dance when a song comes on and clap whenever one's over, and you always show us the part about the sun coming out when we sing "The Itsy-Bitsy Spider" together. There aren't enough steps on this earth for you to climb up and down, up and down, up and down, and up and down on. It gets really old quickly for someone who's been climbing steps for, oh, 30 plus years by now, but I have to admit it really is hard to resist climbing up and down with you when you look up at me and ask for my finger to hold onto. And now that you give hugs and kisses on demand (which I totally love, of course), I figure I get paid back pretty well.

For the past few days you've been a little fussy, but it's understandable: your one-year molars are coming in! You have been chewing like crazy and drooling all over the place, so hopefully they'll break through soon and give you some relief. The last of your bottom front teeth just broke through last week, so you certainly have a mouthful arriving all at once.

Emmylou, I can't tell you how badly I missed you those three days while I was in New York! For both my sake and yours, I do believe it's best that I have some off-duty mommy days where I don't have to touch a single chicken nugget, diaper or juice box, but that doesn't mean it's easy not getting to see you. Of course I thought about you all the time on the trip and got excited thinking about taking you there one day to see it all. I know you'll love it as much as I do.

This month, I think I mostly just want to tell you 'thank you.' Thank you for the incredible amount of joy you bring me and the love you give me every single day. Thank you for being the reason we call ourselves a family, and thank you for letting me see everything from a new, fresh perspective through your eyes. Thank you for challenging me and rewarding me, for both the laughter and the tears. I didn't know life could be this sweet. I love you, my sweet girl.


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