Monday, July 02, 2007

Last week Emmylou created her first work of post-modern abstract surrealism* that I like to call Happy Face in (Mostly) Primary Colors: The Early Years.

Really, I was just glad she didn't eat the paint (not that she didn't try), and, yes, I did help a little here and there.

*That combination isn't even possible, right, Alex?

On Wednesday we went to visit Alyssa and her big brother Joshua at my friend Lizette's house. We had so much fun playing and Emmylou could not tear herself away from their piano!

And since things have been so hectic lately and I didn't get around to posting a pic of Emmylou and her daddy for Father's Day (which Gary pointed out the other day), here are a couple of photos I took today of them together. I hope all of you have or will get to see them together for yourselves- the smiles, giggles and full-on hyena laughing never stop! For either of them!

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Alex said...

alas, it isn't a real movement! but who knows, maybe with the early painting skills emmylou is demonstrating now, she can make it happen :)