Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Here's another photo I meant to post earlier, taken a day before Emmylou decided to test our thermometer to see how high it could go. We were at the Texas Book Festival with Mimi on the grounds of the state capitol.

And in the meantime, when she hasn't been hanging out at Papaw and Nana's or with Grammie in Austin, she's been learning all sorts of useful things:

Oh, and every day is still Halloween at our house. Any ideas on how to get her to stop asking for candy every two minutes?


Alex said...

did she take off all of her clothes by herself and put on the goldfish costume on a whim? maybe if you hid the costume, she will get off the candy kick.

also, i bet gary taught emmylou her new trick. am i right?

emmylou said...

you are so right about gary!!!

and, no, she didn't put the costume on by herself, i was her accomplice. but it's definitely going to go on a higher, out-of-sight shelf in her closet tomorrow.