Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Just a side note here...

Is anyone else as excited as I am that the new Project Runway is starting tomorrow?! This season I'm going to try playing the Project Runway Fantasy Game on Fafarazzi. Every week you pick three players for your team and they earn points for winning challenges, having model problems, crying, hearing "Make it work" from Tim Gunn, etc.

Here's my team for the week:

I'm hoping these three girls are either really good or total disasters.

Ed. note: this widget changes each week when I make my team picks. The original group posted (a truly pitiful selection) was Simone, Kit and Victorya.

Play along with me!


Alex said...

i can't wait until tomorrow. i thought it started last week and i was very upset when it didn't!

do you know anything about these players yet? i will play after tomorrow's episode, even though my favourite last season ended up bringing on the skank for the finale!

The Gould Family said...

I'm playing. My players are posted:


The Federici's said...

Rici and I are very excited. We having been waiting for almost a month. It's great that my husband is addicted to reality TV.

emily said...

Game on. I just picked my team. Go Chris, Christian and Elisa (UT alum!)!

emmylou said...

alex, would you be talking about michael from last season?

i hated jeffrey and i'm going to be really pissed this season if someone i don't like wins.

aside from jes on "rock of love," none of my favorites ever win. i'm still mad that hung won on "top chef," that laila ali lost on last season's "dancing with the stars," and, most recently, that john besh is not "the next iron chef." it kind of makes me wonder whether devoting all this time to reality tv is really worth it...

ha... of course it is!

Alex said...

yes i was talking about michael. his stuff was SO good during the show and then his urban jungle stuff went back to his rap video-aesthetic roots.

I did a fantasy list too. I chose my three players on who looked the gayest of the bunch. usually the queeny guys make the most noise on the show. we will see if this strategy works. so i have Chris, Christian and Kevin. I have a feeling Chris is going to score tons of points.

Has someone made a league that we can join?

The Gould Family said...

Uh, that Elisa is nuts. I'm thinking out loud here.

I chose my team based on who has the craziest eyes. I almost chose Elisa...who is the craziest.