Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today I went in for my last non-stress test and biophysical profile. I've been going once a week for the past 6 weeks because of my blood pressure issues just to make sure everything is fine with the baby. Of course the biggest problem women with high blood pressure face is having tiny babies, so I think we can all safely assume he hasn't been affected by it in any way.

Anyway, the biophysical profile includes an ultrasound and today they found something kind of funny on him: fat rolls! They could already see hair on his head a few weeks ago so I'm starting to think they're going to pull a toddler out of me next week.


Alex said...

sounds kind of creepy, but cool at the same time. can't wait to see photos of him next week!

Anonymous said...

He'll be adorable..

The Gould Family said...

Awww...little fat, hairy baby. I can't wait to see him!