Friday, August 15, 2008

We almost had a baby today!

This morning I had my OB check-up and when I got there my blood pressure was really high. So my doctor sent me to Labor and Delivery and told me that it was very likely that she'd deliver me this afternoon or evening if it didn't go down! After Gary and I picked our jaws up off the floor (he and Emmylou had come with me this morning so he could finally meet my doctor), I spent a couple of hours in the hospital and it went back down to the normal range. I was sent home and put on bedrest until I see my OB again on Tuesday. She said the only reason she didn't go ahead and deliver me is that the baby would still be considered premature by three days. Had he already been 37 weeks (which he will be on Monday), we would've gotten to meet him today!

So it'll be a quiet weekend for me (yay, lots of Olympics watching!) but if anything exciting happens, I'll try to keep everyone posted here.

By the way, Emmylou was SO excited that her brother was going to come out today that I almost felt bad when everything turned out fine and we had to leave! I guess she'll have at least a few more days to get ready for him now...

Oh yeah, Emmylou kept asking us to take her picture:

Gloves are so fun:

Laying in bed with Mommy:

"Mommy, you're in a cage!"


Alex said...

the look of excitement on her face is priceless :)

hang in there over the weekend and hopefully enjoy some nice rest before baby number 2 makes his scheduled arrival.

Anonymous said...

No doubt Emmylou will be just as excited when her little brother arrives.
Hang in there Becca and get plenty of rest!!

The Gould Family said...

Thinking of you. I can't believe your boy is almost here!

Alex said...

man, you need to have baby number 3 so you can wear clothes from this line:

Alison, Craig, & Isla said...

Up early rather than late with Isla's jet lag....but the plus side is that i got to catch up with all your blog entries.

All super cute. Emmylou is going to love her brother don't worry.

I can imagine just how miserable you are :( hang in there Sept 2 isn't that far away!!

Can't wait to hear the updates. You look fabulous as well :)