Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Auntie Em here with some photos from yesterday!

Emmylou got her very own camera:

Meeting Miller for the first time! He's about five minutes old here:

The nurses took him to be measured and cleaned:

The nurses fed him some milk because his blood sugar was a little bit low (which is typical for big babies). Notice the aforementioned fat rolls - adorable!

We all visited with Becca and the baby while they were in the recovery room:

Emmylou thinks her new baby brother is cute!

And she told him that she loves him.

Mimi and Granny were there for the birth and got to meet him too:

Grammie with Miller:

Miller in his UT cap, in a picture similar to one they took when Emmylou was born:

Miller's first birthday party! Thanks Carol, Gina and Evan for making the cupcakes. We started this tradition when Emmylou was born:

Lizzie holding Miller:Emmylou holding Miller:

"Hi, Mom."

So was a big day...


Anonymous said...

The photo's are awesome!!!!!
Thanks for getting them up so quickly.

Love to you all

Alex said...

love the photos. i totally teared up seeing the ones of emmylou with her little brother. it seems like it was love at first sight!

miller is so big and looks so much older than a new born! the fat rolls are really cute too.

congratulations on another beautiful addition to the stephens family!

Leslie said...

That's a good looking kid (of course). Congratulations!

Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Becca & Gary, Miller is absolutely adorable!! Congratulations.

Em, thanks for putting pictures usual they are great!

Shelly said...

Beautiful pics of a beautiful family. Congratulations!

Ann said...

He is Beautiful!! Great Job. So glad y'all did his "0" Birthday Party! I knew you can come thru!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Becca, Gary and Emmylou. Miller is absolutely precious, fat rolls and all. Emmy will make a great big sister, she seems to love him already. The boys saw the pics and want to meet him already

Luv ya'll,
Amy, Zach and Jake

Kari Lavelle said...

Congrats!!!! Miller is a beautiful (and big!) baby! Can't wait to meet him...
Lovely photos!

The Gould Family said...

That photo of E hugging M made me tear up. Damn. So adorable.

LC said... beautiful! it's so nice to be able to see these photos. can't wait to meet that big boy--emmylou is so cute with him! congratulations and much, much love,

lauren c

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing photos so quickly, emily! you really captured the big day. miller is perfect ...can't wait to meet him!
Sherry S.

rdb+mhb | nyc said...

so absolutely adorable! i teared up too - congrats to the newly expanded family.