Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dear Emmylou,

Happy belated 31 month birthday! Of course I'm a little late (yet again) but at least I'm writing to you this month! Last month I was too busy having a nervous breakdown from adjusting to being the mom of two kids that I just couldn't get it done. But we definitely made a point of celebrating with you as it was kind of a milestone: two and a half! We talked a lot about it and you practiced answering "two and a half" when we asked you how old you are since saying just "two" doesn't sound nearly as important.

Wow, have things changed since I last wrote! Not only are you two and a half, but you are a big sister! Whenever we ask you about your brother, you say, "I wuuuuuv him!" I'll remind you of this in about thirteen or fourteen years, earlier if need be. And although you're really sweet to Miller 99% of the time, could you please quit poking him in the eye or pushing him when I turn my back for two seconds? I'm pretty sure you're not doing this maliciously (unless it's subconscious), I think you're just testing the physical boundaries of how far you can go before breaking him. So could you PLEASE STOP?! We had to have a talk a couple of days ago about what bones are, and I really don't want to get to know anyone from Child Protective Services anytime soon.

Now that you're older, you've gotten picky and are not afraid to tell us what you don't like at all: pretty much everything. French fries? Nope. Wearing what Mommy picked out? No way, Jose. Sitting in your booster seat at the table? Uh-uh. Usually you're somewhat diplomatic: "I don't like this [very sophisticated-like: crinkling nose, slowly shaking head]; Mommy you take this off my plate?" But other times you think you need to throw a fit to get your point across and I'm doing my best not to let this technique work for you. A few days ago you seemed to think crying would get you out of your nap (among other things) but my response must've worked because I overheard you telling a friend that "[eyebrows raised, nodding] sometimes fwying (crying) helps you get tired to take your nap so you can go to sleep." Ah, who knew crying was so useful?

So, what do you like these days? You are still loving school and your friends. Your daddy and Mr. Giraffe. Playing games and using your imagination. Asking "why?" a hundred times a day. Wearing Hello Kitty panties. You are obsessed with Halloween. In your bed with you when you go to sleep: Babo #1, Babo #2, Miss Piggy, Hello Kitty, your Omsorg and your "pumpkin purse" (a plastic pumpkin trick or treating bucket). You are still the sweetest thing just after waking up and, like your mom, don't want to miss out on anything.

So how are things going overall? After a couple of dark weeks, I think we're surviving this new way of life and most days now even thriving! Of course there are lots of new challenges but also new things to laugh at. And I'm trying not to forget that with everything going on, you're two years old. That alone means these won't always be the easiest of times. But thanks for doing your best to be a wonderful daughter who always keeps me entertained and a great big sister. I love you so much, Lulu!



Alex said...

hope you are out of the dark days and into some happy fun days with your beautiful family!

The Gould Family said...

Happy 2.5 E!

So, they get more vocal about what they don't like? Great.