Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Last Saturday Emily took Emmylou, Miller and me to Maker Faire, a festival for all things crafty, imaginative and inventive (a.k.a., NerdFest 2008-- mostly in the robot section). Here are a few of the more interesting things we saw:

A life-size Mousetrap course (as I've mentioned before, this was my favorite game as a child):

Some doohicky-thingamajig:

A giant Dr. Seuss-like riding instrument (you pluck the strings that stretch across the back of it to resonate sound through the cylinder):

A community project that Lou also contributed to:

And there were lots of art cars, this being Emmylou's favorite:

It had an unbelievable amount of synchronized singing and dancing lobsters and fish (remember how everyone had a Big Mouth Billy Bass? Finally something to do with all of those cast-offs!):

Oh, and there was also this little armadillo car she liked:

Thanks for a fun day, Em!

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The Gould Family said...

That festival looks awesome. We're gonna need to check that out.