Friday, December 05, 2008

(Finally) Thanksgiving Weekend Photos

We had Thanksgiving Day dinner at our house with Grammie, Lizzie, Emily, Carol, Erin and her boyfriend, Josh. Somehow this is the only photo I got that day... :(

We ate turkey and not Babo, in case you're wondering.

On Friday we went and picked out our Christmas tree:

On Saturday we went to New Braunfels and spent the night with PawPaw and Nana. We were the first people to stay in their new "Casa Dulce"-- the "Sugar Shack" guest house! Their new house next door is almost finished and it is quite beautiful.

Where Emmylou and I slept:

Where Miller slept:

And E eating breakfast in the Sugar Shack's kitchen:

Thanks for the hospitality, PawPaw and Nana, it was great!

Emmylou was also excited to meet their new chickens- all 16 of them!

We went home with a dozen and a half fresh, delicious eggs!

On Sunday we headed to the Am Rhein's house for Gary's family's Thanksgiving get-together. Lou was in heaven because they not only had a moonwalk/bouncy thing, but a trampoline as well.

With Megan...

Sara teaching Emmylou how to do a somersault...

All the girls jumping...

And Miller with his first turkey leg- an Am Rhein tradition!

If you want to take a stroll down memory lane, here's Emmylou's photo from her first Thanksgiving with the Am Rheins.

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