Monday, March 09, 2009

Miller is 6 months old

Dear Miller,

Happy 6 month birthday! You're actually 6 months and 1 week now-- I'm late because you and your sister were both sick last Monday which meant I didn't have a second to spare. But now things are great! Let me tell you what you've been up to.

Big news! You just sat up by yourself this morning for the very first time! You were propped up on your hands in front of you and it wasn't for very long, but you definitely did it. I was so proud of you and you seemed pretty pleased with yourself as well.

You started eating baby food this past month. You started with rice cereal, which you liked right at first and then gradually changed your mind, so I moved on to bananas, which you loved. After several poo-free days I switched you over to prunes and pears to no avail, and then discontinued everything when we got to day #6 with no 'activity.' I finally called the doctor on day #8 in a panic but an hour later all was well. Can you believe someone can care so much about when another person poos? That's how much I love you.

You love taking baths, being outside, laughing at your sister and listening to me sing 'The Wheels on the Bus" or "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to you while I move your hands to the motions. You are really talking a lot and I love listening to you babble.

You haven't gotten a tooth yet but you still love to chew on anything in sight. You have no interest in your pacifier any more and are even a little finished with your Whoozit toy now. You still love books and I hope you always will!

Everyone says you look like a little man and I have to agree. I even call you my Benjamin Button sometimes. But Brad Pitt has nothing on you- you're way cuter.

You're happy and sweet and funny and cuddly, everything I could possibly hope for and more. Lucky, lucky me.

I love you with all my heart, Little Man.


Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Wow, 6 months....he sure is getting to be even more of a cutie!

Ann said...

Miller is so handsome!