Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Back from paradise...

We made it back from Costa Rica! Gary and I had a great time on our little vacation. Normally I would've been upset that we never left the resort to explore Costa Rica, but this time it was just fine with me. I basically slept and read and enjoyed the freedom of doing whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted-- a totally foreign concept these days. I laid by the pool, worked out, got a massage and enjoyed getting ready for evening dinners without any rushing at all. I seriously love having time to groom when I'm on vacation.

We were originally supposed to do a zip-line canopy tour of the rain forest on Wednesday, but that got canceled when Gary's customers wanted him to go deep-sea fishing with them instead. They ended up hooking a 200-300 pound sailfish and trying to reel it in for over 2 1/2 hours until it finally broke the line when it was Gary's turn. At least that was the story. I'm still waiting to see a photo for proof... I think there was a lot of cerveza on board.

The timing of the trip was perfect. Four days and three nights didn't sound like much before we left, but I was dying to see the kids by the last day. Also, I forgot some parts to my electric breast pump that I hauled all the way there (idiot) so after 4 days of using my manual hand pump every four hours, my magic boobs were dying to get home too.

I didn't take any photos the first few days because they'd be of either my bed or a lounge chair by the pool, but I did manage to take the camera out on our last day when we decided to rent ATV's on the beach.

Here are a couple of the beaches we saw and what Gary and I might look like if we were bikers:

The black blobs in the tree are monkeys:

We owe Grammie HUGE thanks for taking such great care of the kids while we were gone. Not only did she keep them dressed and fed (and alive), she got Emmylou to school twice and Miller is now completely sleeping through the night (thanks also, Em!). We should have done this ages ago!

After a day of getting settled back in, we took the kids to Guero's for dinner on Saturday night. Miller looked like he was ready for something other than milk and Emmylou was just happy to be back on her daddy's shoulders.

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Alison, Craig, and Isla Buchanan said...

Sounds like a totally fabulous four days and I know you both deserved the break :)