Sunday, August 02, 2009

Miller is 11 months old!

Dear Miller,
Happy 11 months! I can't believe that you'll be a year old in a mere 31 days. How could that be?

It's gone by fast, but it's been great. Here's what you've been up to over the last few weeks...

First, you're as close to walking as one could possibly be without actually walking. You stand, you squat, you pick up toys off the floor. But when it comes to taking an actual step, forget it. You sink to your bottom and then crawl as fast as lightning. I'm actually happy that you're a little careful about all of it. It makes me think I'll worry less about you when you're out playing football or skateboarding one day.

In addition to saying "hi" and waving (more sporadically than on demand), you're now saying the best word ever: "mama!" I can't tell you how much I love hearing it and I try to get you to say it all the time. Thank you, Little Man.

This month you really started loving your little blue car that Grammie gave you (you push it all over the house) and any kind of ball you find rolling around. Your other favorite toy of the moment is one of Emmylou's magic wands. It's sparkly and shiny and fun to wave so I completely understand. Let me just apologize now, though, for the times I wasn't fast enough to find you before you were subjected to Emmylou's full princess treatment. Yes, you've worn tiaras, but really I'm not sure you minded too much because you think anything your sister does is hilarious.

Little Man, I love you so much. Although I seriously treasure a full night's sleep, I'm always so happy to hear you in the morning and I look forward to scooping you up, kissing your cheeks and spending the day with you. You are easy-going and fun to be with and I couldn't love you more.

All my love,


The Buchanans said...

I love it that Gary wear tiaras too :)

Wow, 11 months....

The Gould Family said...

That last photo is too cute.

emmylou said...

He'll hate me for that one in 15 years for sure, Bethany. :)