Monday, November 02, 2009

Miller is 14 months old

Dear Miller,

Hi, remember me? It's your mommy here with a long overdue update on your life! So, let's get started...

You are so, so, SO busy these days! (Which means I'm so, so busy, too, and why you haven't received an update lately.) You hardly ever walk anymore-- you run. You get into everything. Keeping up with you is about as easy as chasing a tornado and the only thing you might like better than running around is being held, then being put down. Then being held, then being put down. Then being held...

Daddy keeps calling you a Mama's boy and I'm completely fine with that. You're definitely having some separation issues at the moment and you do break out into a full cry if I even leave the room for a second or think about stepping over the baby gate away from you and heading down the hall. Luckily you're still pretty easily distracted so leaving you at the gym or with a babysitter hasn't been a problem as long as I find you a truck or car to play with then sneak out.

You continue to absolutely torture me with your picky-ness. For God's sake, child, would you please eat something?! The only things I can guarantee you'll eat are Craisins, graham crackers and yogurt and I think you might be happy eating those three things for every meal for the rest of your life. Refried beans are the only non-sweet thing you'll even think about eating. I continue to try giving you tons of different things every day in hopes that you'll find something else you just absolutely must eat daily but I usually just end up exasperated. Surely this will improve soon, right?

You are starting to communicate more but unlike your sister you aren't too interested in using much sign language. You still point at things constantly and wave 'hi' and 'bye' but you don't really use 'more' unless I ask you to. Mostly you communicate by saying 'uh-oh' a million times per day, especially when you throw anything and everything on the floor (repeatedly). You're also using this new screech/scream you like to make when things don't quite go your way. Yes, the full-blown tantrums are on the horizon- I see them coming.

In happier news, when she's not nearly suffocating you or trying to pick you up and relocate you out of her way, your sister is really enjoying playing with you. You guys laugh and laugh and have some real back-and-forth games you like to play. Y'all still love flopping around on the bed and you can't get enough of her or anyone else chasing you. You also love it when Daddy throws you around and tickles you, of course, because he's really good at that. Your favorite toys are bristle blocks, cars and trucks, balls and puzzles. You also LOVE books.

As for your soft side, you still love to give hugs and will come up and hug everyone's legs, especially mine. Anything soft and squishy you find you immediately put on the floor and then lay your little head down on it to test it out. Really, it is so sweet. Whenever you go to sleep we put your Ugly Doll Jeero in bed with you and you've started holding its little arm as you drink your milk and go to sleep. We'll have to see if it receives Babo-like status from you soon.

You are a sweet, sweet boy, Miller. You just might have a hint of Daddy's temper too, but it's exciting watching you grow and seeing you have your own ideas and expectations. I just wish those ideas included eating more than dairy products and cookies.

Love you, Little Man!

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The Buchanans said...

They can be so stubborn can't they! I don't know any 30 year olds that only eat crackers and yoghurt so I am sure time will change this.

Speaking of stubborn, Leah is still refusing to drink from anything other than my boobs. I wouldn't mind as feeding her isn't a hassle anymore, but Craig and I are going to a wedding in Wales without the kids at the end of the month....for 3 days...I am convinced she is going to die from dehydration.

I keep trying sippy cups and bottles every day but no luck :(

My mother in law tells me not to worry "there are plenty of ways to get fluids into a baby" -- that's the midwife in her talking. Still I am a bag of nerves thinking about it!