Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Trick or treat

I think most people have already seen these photos on Facebook, but just to document them here, I give you our trick-or-treating photos:

Ariel and Sebastian...

Earlier in the day we went to Lifetime (our gym) for a big Halloween party. Miller won a prize there for his crab costume which I thought was a bit ironic for several reasons:

1) The ratio of time I spent on Emmylou's costume compared to his was about 100:1.
2) The ratio of money I spent on Emmylou's costume compared to his was about 4:1.
3) His costume is actually a lobster costume.
4) His costume is actually made for a dog, not a human being.

Whatever, isn't he the cutest crustacean evers??!

We had LOTS of lazy candy-givers on our street. Come on, don't these people want to hear "fwick-uh-fweet" all night? Truth be told, (sadly) Emmylou was actually pronouncing the "t" in those words by the end of the night. *sniffle*
Here's Lou's stash which she traded (minus 10 pieces) to the Switch Witch last night for a Snow White dress-up dress.

And here's a photo of Emily and I dressed up as Little and Big Edie from Grey Gardens. We went out to a Halloween party and were happily surprised by how many people knew who we were!

Of course we highly recommend that you check out the movie that came out this past year if you haven't seen it. :)

Happy Halloween!

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The Gould Family said...

Your comments on Miller's costume are cracking me up.