Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bus trip!

Emmylou has been asking me for months (okay, maybe it's been a full year by now) to take a ride on a bus. I kept promising but it was Grammie who ended up making it really happen. She found a great destination for us-- a place where most people who are riding the bus are going, I'm sure-- The Four Seasons. Grammie and Carol found themselves there on New Year's Eve and saw that they had a fantastic village of gingerbread houses that they knew Emmylou would love.

Waiting at the bus stop...

There's our bus!

Emmylou got on and actually said, "Hmm, so this is what a bus looks like."
Then at every stop she'd ask, "Is this us?"
We drove past the Capitol
and finally reached our destination.
The gingerbread village!

After seeing the gingerbread houses we went to get some lunch at Le Cafe Crepe. It felt like we were in Paris!
An actual French woman was making crepes:
Emmylou was loving on Grammie lots.
Guess what we ate? Yep, crepes and more crepes.
Then we waited at the bus stop that was next to one of the big, painted Austin guitars that are spread around town.
Another successful adventure! Apparently when Emily and I were about Emmylou's age we also requested to take a bus ride so Carol and Grammie took us. Within the first few minutes of boarding the bus caught on fire so we were pleased to avoid a similar fate. Yay!


Maury said...

I love this! Link loves to ride the bus and when he was a baby Todd took him every day on the bus to daycare. We went on a bus excursion last week and took Link's bike. It was Nels' first bus ride. So much fun.

Alex said...

yep, i'm pretty sure that most bus goers don't head to the four seasons :) it looks like a fun day.

The Gould Family said...

This is very cute.