Sunday, January 10, 2010

We still love our Horns!

We're still sad about last Thursday's game and even sadder for Colt not getting to play the game of his life, but we can't complain about being #2 this year. Although the kids and I watched the entire game at Grammie's, Gary headed home around halftime so he could scream and cuss in solitude as needed. He said our neighborhood was going crazy-- one house behind us was yelling "TEXAS!" and the one next door was yelling back "FIGHT!" Too bad it all fell apart once it got down to a 3 point game.

But we're pretty sure we'll be back playing for the national championship again in about 18 or 19 years. You know, when Miller's playing for Muschamp. Seriously, the first thing Gary said to me back when Texas extended the offer to Muschamp to follow Mack Brown was, "Oh good, that's who Miller will play for." Yes, I'm sure it'll be as easy as that. Hook 'em!

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Alex said...

we will be rooting for miller in 2030!