Saturday, January 02, 2010

Lions, Otters and Mice Kings (oh, my!)

In the days leading up to Christmas, Emmylou kept busy by going to lots of theatrical events. First, Grammie, Emily and Lizzie took her to Ballet Austin's Nutcracker performance where she talked for days about "all those kids who kept coming out of that lady's skirt." She was also really into the Mouse King, having watched the episode where the Wonder Pets save the nutcracker from the crazy mouse king... oh, about a thousand times. Also, she's recently just decided that she wants to ditch swimming lessons this semester in favor of starting a ballet class so I think this made quite an impression on her.

Next up was a showing of one of Emily's and my childhood faves, Emmet Otter's Jugband Christmas at the Alamo Drafthouse. Emily, Tripp and his mom joined us and we all thoroughly enjoyed the jug band that played some songs from the movie beforehand. Emmylou's favorite part was when they handed out free candy. Emily and I could hardly contain ourselves and kept squealing over the cuteness of all those varmints who've fallen on hard times in the holler.

The next day we were treated to an amazing performance of The Lion King by Pawpaw and Nana in San Antonio. I've wanted to see the musical since its inception and even after years of hearing how incredible it is, it still surpassed my expectations. Emmylou was captivated by it all, and she still talks about the elephants that walked right past us down the aisle and up onto the stage. Wow. Just wow.

And fun!! Thanks, everyone, for Emmylou's crash course in theater arts! She just might thank you one day when she wins an Academy Award.

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