Thursday, March 25, 2010

What about Bob

Bob the Builder, that is. That's what both Emmylou and Miller call bulldozers and whatever else those construction thingies are called. I think Tripp started it (and my kids obviously thought it was super cool) so whenever we're driving around town I'm never surprised to hear random shouts of "Bob Builder!" when we pass construction sites.

I thought Miller was going to bust a gut this evening when we pulled into our driveway across the street from this new house that just went up and is almost finished. First we had to go inside our own house and eat dinner, but Miller was having none of that. ALL he wanted to do was go see "Bob." So finally after dinner, Emmylou hopped on her scooter (and donned her Dora mittens, natch) for the arduous 30 foot journey across the street.

Emmylou walked all around Bob,
noticed that the tires were taller than her,
and checked out what was in the scooper/digger/whatchamacallit...
Meanwhile, Miller was terrified! He was literally trembling in my arms! When I asked him if he wanted to touch bob, he shook his head "no!" Was he scared? Overwhelmed with excitement? I don't know! But this is the closest he came:
Then we took a little walk down our street and it turns out Bob wasn't the only unusual vehicle out today. Check out this weird Swiss Army (it said "Suisse" something) truck we saw:

Finally we went back home and someone was feeling a bit more comfortable in his own sweet ride:

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Kristi said...

that photo of miller in front of the swiss truck is CLASSIC!!!