Sunday, April 25, 2010

Disney Schmisney

Disney On Ice was here in Austin this week so Grammie and I took Emmylou and Miller to see it Thursday night.

The show included a segment of Cars, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and some Tinkerbell story I couldn't quite follow (but was E's favorite part, natch).

Miller loved Lightning McQueen, Tow Mater and the rest of the Cars crew. It was exciting; they drove around in... a circle.
Here's Ariel from when she was still a mermaid, before she traded her voice to Ursula for some legs. Pretty good splits for someone with a tail, dontchathink?
I was so pleased to see that the Sebastian costume was so similar to the lobster dog costume I made Miller wear last Halloween!

I'll admit it, The Lion King part was pretty awesome.

Intermission: time for a $12 snowball (and don't forget the $2 straw!). Thanks, Grammie, for buying Emmylou the ridiculously expensive crap I wouldn't pay for!
Oh, and the ridiculously expensive Tinkerbell souvenir shoes...Back to the show with Tinkerbell and some odd hatchet-lamp thingie...

My friend Bethany blogged about Disney on Ice a couple of weeks ago (see her post on 4/15/2010) and I'm so glad she prepared me for the unbelievably overpriced merchandise! Really, it is insane.

My recommendation to anyone else who may go: get the cheap tickets and bring a grandparent!


Shelly said...

We went last night! The circling cars made Weston cry--he was much happier with Ariel and Lion King. I found the Tinkerbell part to be rather befuddling as well. And I never purchased anything directly, which saved me a lot of stress and shock! :)

The Gould Family said...

Man, your show looks better than the one we went to. Our was about "celebrations" or some such crap.