Sunday, April 11, 2010

Explore UT

Okay, I'm really playing catch-up here...

A while ago (like when Emmylou was still three) Gary and I took the kids to UT for their gigantic open house called Explore UT. We walked all over campus and took advantage of the fun activities they had there.

Face painting and crowns for the kids...
And then we ended the day at the KLRU studios (check out the Austin City Limits studio's new Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame plaque!). Miss Rosa, who we see hosting Sesame Street and the other PBS shows every morning was there and talked to the kids. I think Emmylou was a little starstruck.

Emmylou's favorite part of the day was (literally) running around the ACL stage and seeing Emmy, who was representing ACL that day. The next picture perfectly captures Emmylou as the blur she was while we were there.

"Emmylou, go take a picture with Aunt Emmy!" Response: *blur*
"We'll give you candy if you stand still for one second."

Ah, a bit more cooperation.
How many other Emmylou's have graced that stage, I wonder...


ACodlin said...

AWW!! I miss Explore UT. Every year the lab I used to work for makes cookies covered in algae for the kids. and we have an algae petting zoo. it's super fun.

this year though i heard our lab was pretty crap. no cookies. no touching.

Shelly said...

How much fun! Next year, we will have to check it out.