Sunday, April 11, 2010

A study in contrasts: Boy vs. girl birthday parties

Here are some more photos I've been meaning to post for, oh, around 2 months now...

If you've recently asked us to hang out on a weekend and we've had to decline, chances are it's because our schedule is chock-a-block with birthday parties. It's rare these days to go two weekends in a row without one and sometimes we have more than one in a day. So was the case one Saturday in late February when we celebrated our BFF Tripp's birthday in the morning and then Reagan's post-nap in the afternoon.

Check out Tripp's amazing party: it started at the fire station, where the kids got to climb all over a real fire engine, and ended next door at the County Line for an awesome BBQ lunch. Really, does it get any better?

Happy birthday, Tripp! That sure was fun!
And here are photos from Reagan's 3rd birthday Princess Party...

While every other little girl showed up in various manufactured Disney princess costumes, Emmylou was convinced that a lavender Cheongsam and bright red tutu (*fingers crossed she'll end up on Project Runway one day!*) were just what she needed for the occasion.
Happy birthday, sweet Reagan! That cake is just perfect for a princess!

Now... a more current post next! No waiting until June for Easter pics, I promise. Also, since I got my new camera (love it!!), no more having to rely on crappy iPhone pics for awhile. :)


Ann said...

Love the photo of Tripp in his fireman uniform!

Ann said...

Princess costumes must be all the rage; Disney lives on!