Sunday, April 11, 2010

We're going on an egg hunt...

We were out at Grammie's lakehouse in Horseshoe Bay for Easter weekend, so on Saturday we drove into Kingsland for an Easter egg hunt we'd heard about.

Daddy helped Emmylou decorate her egg for the egg decorating contest (let me quell your suspense: everyone won-- imagine that).
Miller was ready for the hunt!
But not before getting some sugar from a cute blonde.
Emmylou hugged the slightly creepy Easter Bunny before the hunt began. Miller? Notsomuch.
What to do with 15 minutes before the hunt begins? Get your cameras out and throw the kids in the bluebonnets, of course!
Moments from the hunt... Is it bad that we were feeding Emmylou the strategy to bypass the first few yards and go for a less populated area to score the most eggs?

Gee, they're so well-hidden, I really hope the kids can find them.

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The Gould Family said...

Love the "score" photo with the closed eyes. The new camera is nice.