Friday, April 22, 2011

In Search of Isamu Taniguchi's Garden!

Emmylou's friend Annie's grandmother wrote a book awhile back about the Oriental Garden at Zilker Botanical Park. It was built by a Japanese man named Isamu Taniguchi in 1969 as a way to say thank you to the city and to UT for all they had provided for his family over the years.

Annie's grandma, Jane Bauld, read the story to all of the classes in the school last week and autographed copies for the kids. She became an instant celebrity and everyone fell in love with her story of Isamu Taniguchi's generosity and dedication.

Since Emmylou and Miller didn't have school today we went in search of the wonderful places we read about in the book: the bamboo tea house, the bridge-to-walk-over-the-moon, the stepping stones and waterfalls, and the pagoda marking Mother Tree's location. Domo arigato, Taniguchi-san!

Quick break to sing the Healing Incantation song ("Flower, gleam and glow...") from Tangled to see if this is one of those golden magic flowers:
Um, nope.

Then lunch at Flip Happy crepes!
They took awhile so we played Go Fish.


The Buchanans said...

Too funny E was singing to the flowers. I am surprised Isla hasn't done that yet.

Ann said...

Looks as though E & M had a wonderful time exploring all the things that was read to them in the book; awesome!