Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dino Park Visit

Thanks to the wonders of Groupon, we recently found out about the new Dino Park near Austin. They have life-size dinosaur replicas you can see as you walk along a trail, along with other things found some 65-100 million years ago that you can find scavenger hunt-style. We knew Miller would be all about this place but both he and Emmylou still haven't stopped talking about it. In fact, we went camping this weekend (post and photos to come!) and Miller kept saying he saw a T-Rex on our hike.

Petrified dino poo (a replica, people!):
Some kind of raptor:
Iguanadon, maybe?
Creepy dinosaur (you may recognize him as the egg-stealer from the movie Dinosaur):
The finale: T-Rex!

WARNING: Naughty children may get fed to T-Rex.

Litter mates:

Future paleontologists:

Toothy grins:

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