Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Aunt Lauren! Part 1

We are all so happy that we've gotten to see so much of Aunt Lauren this summer! First, she came to visit us at the beginning of June for a few days, and then we just got back a couple weeks ago from visiting her in Virginia. Our photos from Virginia will be up soon (promise!) but for now, here are the way-late ones from when she came to see us. As usual, she cut the kids' hair and even brought something special for Emmylou's hair: silk shimmers! Emmylou has been sassy all summer with those sparkles!

Putting some shimmers in Dolly's hair, natch.

We loved having Mimi here with us too!
Trying on Aunt Lauren's towering heels...
And swimming in Barton Springs!

We love you, Aunt Lauren!

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Ann said...

love Emmylou's new hairdo!!