Monday, August 08, 2011

Preschool Graduation

So, let's see... Where did I leave off? A royal wedding? Mother's Day camping trip?

Geesh, I really couldn't be more behind on this blog, so apologies to anyone who still actually checks for new posts. This summer has been filled with fun and exciting happenings but I'm usually too exhausted once the kids go to bed to do anything that requires a single brainwave.

But to get just a bit caught up (like, from May and June :-P ), I 'll start with Emmylou's preschool graduation. It's hard to believe we already went through four years with her preschool and that she'll begin kindergarten in less than three weeks. But let's not go there, shall we?

The day started with Grammie picking up Emmylou for breakfast before school. For the past four years Grammie has taken Lou to breakfast before school at least once a week. Sadly this tradition won't live on next year when Emmylou has to be at school by 7:30!

With her class and "diploma":
There was a slideshow as each kid was called so you could see both a baby picture and current photo of them.
Songs, a few words and then cake and lemonade outside.
And, she just looks far too grown up in this picture...
Miller also had his last day of school. He will miss Ms. Marci so, so much!

Reading a last book:
Last yoga practice:
Farewell party:
Last time to play outside:

Next year he'll be in the Day School. No more Children's Morning Out for him!


Tripp said...

welcome back to blog world. :)

The Buchanans said...

yeah for a new blog post! Lou does look so big

Ann said...

Two kids do keep you busy!
Hard to believe Emmylou is going to Kindergarten.

What a wonderful memory for Emmylou to have breakfast with her Grammie before school: pretty awesome.

The Gould Family said...


emmylou + miller said...

Ann, yes, that's a lot of doughnuts and McDonald's over the past 4 years but she has loved each and every breakfast! :-)

Bethany- the dress was from the Gap. The only problem with it is that we fight over her wanting to wear it EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

Thanks for the comments, guys! Makes me want to blog more. :-)